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May the beauty of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us - yes, establish the work of our  hands. -  Psalm 90:17


February 2018 NEWSLETTER

Our most sincere thanks goes out to SG Foundation for their generous grant! With the funds provided, we were able to purchase Car Seats, Twin Beds, Hygiene and Baby items! Coordinating our efforts with our partner pantries, we are distributing these items to people in need in our community. It was a joy to shop for all of these goodies, knowing they would meet many of the specific requests we receive at Love INC, Bakersfield!

To find out more about SG Foundation, visit their website:

Thank You!


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   We have more calls coming in than volunteers available to answer them!

Might you consider joining the amazing men and women in our call center?

  Many of our volunteers come in once a week for 2-4 hours. We would be      honored to have you serve alongside us in this incredible ministry! If you     would like more information about volunteering with us, call Love Inc Administrative line at (661) 325-6838.  If you are in need of support, please call our Client number  at (661) 325-8838.  Additionally, if you want to get a better idea of what we do, we welcome you to come tour our offices. 

Call to set up a time that is good for you.

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The rainy days and chilly nights are beginning to fade away, reminding us that spring is here! It’s been a fulfilling winter season in our ministry at Love INC Bakersfield and we look forward to continuing to be the hands and feet of Christ in our community as the weather warms up.  

Here's one example of our efforts to serve our community at Love INC: 

“Mindy’s” husband left her and their two small children a few months ago and is no longer contributing to the household. His absence was abrupt and she was unprepared for the emotional and financial strain it caused. Family and friends have done what they can, but those resources are limited. Public assistance has helped, but can’t quite meet all the financial needs they have right now. Mindy shared with us that her husband is an angry man struggling with alcohol addiction, which led her to seek out protection through the legal system. Through all of this, Mindy has been actively seeking work, but hasn’t yet found employment. She’s determined to provide for her children, but it isn’t happening as quickly as she needs. She reached out to Love INC when she received her PG&E bill and had no idea how she would be able to pay it.

We partnered with St. Philip the Apostle Church to help meet this immediate need. Through this hardship she mentioned she began to pray and seek the Lord again and now is hopeful that things will turn out ok! We also connected her to resources to help with diapers and food. Please remember Mindy in your prayers as she works to provide a safe place for her children.