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Might you consider joining the amazing men and women in our call center?

  Many of our volunteers come in once a week for 2-4 hours. We would be      honored to have you serve alongside us in this incredible ministry! If you     would like more information about volunteering with us, call Love Inc Administrative line at (661) 325-6838.  If you are in need of support, please call our Client number  at (661) 325-8838.  Additionally, if you want to get a better idea of what we do, we welcome you to come tour our offices. 

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Greetings in Christ from Love In the Name of Christ.

The Lord has brought us through some exciting changes recently. We found a new location for our offices and are settling in nicely. Thank you to those who helped with the move! We’re now actively searching for an Executive Director. We know God has someone in mind to fill this important position and we trust we’ll connect with that person soon.

In the midst of moving our offices and beginning the process of finding a Director, we continue to serve our community.  We’ve included one example inside this newsletter. As you’ll see, this ministry is only possible in partnership with Churches, individuals, and other helping organizations in our town.

It is our deepest desire to serve as many individuals and churches in our community as possible, connecting those in need with those who feel called by God to meet those  needs. If you or your Church would like to know more about how we can help make those connections, please give us a call. We’d love to tell you all about what we do and add you as one of our essential partners in this work. 

And let us consider how to stir up one another toward love and good works...   Hebrews 10:24

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Not too long ago, Love Inc was contacted by a single mother of  2 small children whose temporary job had ended. She was seeking new employment, but, in the meantime, found herself in need of rental assistance in the amount of $625 that along with her $200 would complete her monthly rent. As we walked our client through our application process we found she was a member of a local church.  We encouraged her to reach out to them, in addition to reaching out to us, in hopes that together   we could meet her need. Our volunteer prayed with her, asking God to guide her through this situation and provide for her.

A couple of days later she called to let us know she had found a job! She also reached out to her church and they were able to provide half of the amount needed to pay her rent that month. Love INC provided her with the remaining amount and together we were able to meet her need. Client is now back at work and able to sustain herself!

This is a perfect example of Love INC partnering together with the client and the local church to meet the needs of the community. Our prayer is to continue to meet these needs; not only because the client attends a particular church,  but because we have loving Church Partners who feel called to help those in need in our community. 

November 2018 Newsletter

Love INC​

Love In the Name of Christ, Bakersfield CA




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