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Love In the Name of Christ                                                                                                   Bakersfield, CA



The church doorstep is a frequent destination for people in need. But most churches alone cannot fully

meet all the needs of every homeless family, single mom, or elderly shut-in who asks them for help.

Or can they?

Love In the Name of Christ enables churches in a community to pool their resources and services so that those in need are not turned away.

Church members use their gifts and talents through specific, manageable opportunities to serve others. Local churches come together,

across denominational lines, modeling unity of the Body of Christ.

Lives and communities are transformed.

Imagine the difference churches can make by joining with other churches in their community to help those in need.

When the Body of Christ works together, the results can be miraculous!

Love INC​

Love In the Name of Christ, Bakersfield CA


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